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Let's Talk Business (Cards)

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

With businesses becoming increasingly dependent on digital media, one might ask: What about business cards? Are they still necessary?

How many business cards do you currently have in your wallet? One? Maybe two? Definitely no more than five.

How many business cards have you received and subsequently thrown out? Hundreds.

Technology has attempted to murder the business card. Especially during these days with COVID-19 around, it seems like no one wants a tangible business advertisement in their possession anymore. During an era of LinkedIn and smartphones, you can find any company you want as well as its contact information. So what is the point of business cards now?

72-percent of people judge a company or person based on the quality of their business cards; 39-percent of people would choose not to do business with a company if they had a “cheap-looking” business card. Source

Business cards are great ways to show off your style and branding to potential customers. The look and feel of business cards reflect the quality of your business. Depending on your industry, looks can mean everything and the quality of branding can set you apart from competitors. Eye-catching designs can elevate your business against the competition.

So, how can business cards survive in the Digital Age? As Darwin would put it: We adapt.

Undoubtedly, physical business cards are more personal than their digital competitors, but you should have a digital copy saved to your smartphone so that you can forward it to those who ask. You can still keep a few cards on-hand in case someone asks for one, but sending them your information with an ecard is the next step in the digital evolution for businesses.

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