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Forget Cyber Monday - It's Cyber WEEK

If you're like me, as a consumer, you were ready for those Black Friday and subsequent Cyber Monday marketing emails to come to a screeching halt when you woke up this morning. Well, that didn't happen. Welcome to Cyber Week.

My email mailboxes were swamped this morning with "CYBER MONDAY - EXTENDED!!" marketing emails. Of course, the appeal of Cyber Monday is that it happens for one day out of the year. They get you with the "LIMITED TIME OFFERS" and their ticking countdown 'til midnight clocks. For the average consumer, it's great news that your favorite stores have extended their deals yet another day. For the businesses, they're happy just to pull you in!

Cyber Monday was coined in 2005 since the Monday after Thanksgiving was showing a recurring spike for years in online revenue and traffic - theorized as a sneaky way for parents to buy presents for their children while at work. When the term "Cyber Monday" was officially used, sales jumped nearly 26-percent from the previous year.

In 2020, we get to enjoy a pandemic-induced Cyber Week. With Black Friday deals being mainly online this year, it seems everyone had plenty of time to get the greatest deals on gifts for the holidays. Some small businesses I know personally had the greatest sales day of the year thanks to Black Friday.

Adding Black Friday to Cyber Monday/Week, businesses, big and small, gave the greatest deals they could. Considering all of the online competition, it's easy to see who the competition is but it could be difficult to gauge how great of a deal you can allow without taking a loss. A key detail to remember for Cyber Week, and all online sales, is to know your target audience, have a goal, and set objectives for the individual sales days to ensure the best results possible - oh, and optimizing your social media platforms and websites will help drastically!

If you need any help with increasing your digital potential, don't hesitate to reach out!

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